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How We FLOODED A Local Spa Business With 42 NEW Customers in 30 Days!
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3 Steps For Getting More Customers For Your Spa Business

Blog Author: Jovan Stojanovic   /   Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes

If you own or manage a spa, med spa, or salon, you know how difficult it can be to attract new clients.

However there's good news: It's actually quite easy to do!

In this article I'll share with you the THREE step process of how we brought 42 new bookings to a spa in 30 days, making them $18,900... and we did it all by using Facebook!

Also, if you want to try this out for your spa or salon business, for the next five people we are doing a special offer where we will setup ALL of this for you!

To get started, you can click any of the the purple buttons on the page.

But now, let's get right into the step by step tutorial of you can do this to get more customers.

Step #1 - The Facebook Video Ad:

The first step to making this work, is creating Facebook video ad, promoting a SPECIFIC offer of your choice.

Offer Examples:
$147 Hydrafacial (Regular $199)
$75 Massage ($25 OFF)
$299 Day Spa Package (SAVE $200)
(The offer can be any service or package you want)

Once you pick an offer, you need to turn it into an awesome and engaging video ad!

I will show you the EXACT video we used to get those 42 bookings spa bookings, so that you can replicate it for your spa.

Take a look below.

This is your absolute money maker. As far as the Facebook ad is concerned, it comes up as people are scrolling through their Facebook and we can target different people for Facebook Ads. We can target any city or country you want.
This video is the MONEY MAKER.

(PS - If you would like a video like that made for you, feel free to contact us).

Now, once we made the video, we set it up as a Facebook Ad.

NOTE: We didn't just post this on the business' Facebook page, & we didn't just click the "boost post" button either...

We set it up as a video ad, specifically targeting Women 20-60, located within a 12 mile radius, who have interests in spa and beauty. In other words, we are specifically and only targeting POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS!

Now, as our potential customers are scrolling through their Facebook feeds....

BOOM! They get hit with our video ad, they love what they see, and then they CLICK the "Sign Up" button.
But what happens when they click 'Sign Up'? Well that brings us onto Step #2...

Step #2 - The Lead Capture Form:

After clicking on the ad, they are taken to page where they can claim the offer. However, they need to submit their contact information.

So to be able to signup for the offer, we ask them to provide this info:

- Email address
- Full Name
- Phone Number

Using this information, we are easily able to contact and get them to book their appointment.

Also, after they submit their information they are taken to a "Thank You" page which looks like this:
The great thing about this page, is that with a click of a button they can now call into your business to INSTANTLY book their appointment - right then and there! 

You can also use this page to further incentivize them to book their appointment so that they don't forget about it later.

What's also great, is if you have online booking they can click and instantly book their appointment online instead of calling in!

Now here's the part where it gets tricky: MANY people will NOT book an appointment...

UNTIL you implement Step #3!

Step #3 - Automatic Texting to Book Appointments

This is the last and most important step.

As soon as someone fills their contact details, their data is saved and we text them, asking when they would like to book their appointment. 

The first message is always automated to save you time and will be sent to all the leads you get from the Facebook video ad. What's great is you can also do the texting from a computer instead of phone, which makes it perfect for receptionists to work with. 

The reality is this: It's almost 2020. Most people don't like calling to book, and they also don't want to waste time figuring out how to use your online booking system.

However a text? Everyone loves to text! It's quick and easy. 

So it's important to make it as SIMPLE and EASY as possible for potential customers to book. Here are some of the responses from the customers:

As you can see, people love to book, and by following these three steps you can literally flood your spa/salon with as many customers as you want.

However there's a couple more things you should know. Let's review the final results:

The Results:

Total we spent on Facebook Ads promoting the video: $600

Pro-tip: you can actually set your Facebook ad budget to as low as $5 per day - but the more you spend, more people will see the ad. And if done correctly with the 3 steps I showed today this will mean more new customers!

Total # of new bookings: 42

Instant revenue made: $6090

So from spending $600 on Facebook, we made back $6090. This is amazing!

Now here's the best part: For the 42 people we brought in there's still an additional $18,900 in future revenue to be earned when you consider the average Lifetime Value (LTV) of a Spa Customer is about $450 (because a customer will come back again, they will refer friends & family, etc).

Final Conclusion: 

Applying Facebook Ads correctly can literally sky-rocket the revenue of your spa business. The downside is... that it can be VERY difficult to setup on your own.

You need to get the video made, you need to learn how to set up the ads, how to integrate the texting software, and tons more. Learning all this techy stuff can become a HEADACHE.

However, we have good news!

For the month of November 2019 we're doing something very special. 

We're offering to do a completely FREE strategy session showing you exactly how to set this up for your business!

Yes, that's right!

EVERYTHING you saw in this case study we can show you how to set it up so you can get more customers!

You'll see how to make the custom made video for your spa, the facebook ad, the texting, literally everything.

But we are only doing this for the next FIVE people who want it.

So if you'd like to start booking in more customers into your spa...

Click the button below & sign up for a a FREE strategy call!

Here's What You'll Get On This Special Trial:

✓ Planning Your Offer

Our team will work with your team to build the best offer for your spa or salon business. We'll also suggest offers based on what works well for our other clients. Nailing down the right offer is crucial to making your video ad work.

✓ Custom Video Ad

Your business, your branding. Our creative team will compile a custom video ad promoting one of your spa services which will be guaranteed to bring in customers through Facebook. It will look just like the examples you see on this page.

✓ Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

After your video ad is created, we will setup the Facebook ad campaigns. This will target only people in your area who are most likely to want spa or salon services. We'll also setup the lead generation form so that you are capturing the contact info from these new customers.

✓ Automatic Texting & Email Setup

Literally book 3-4x as many spa appointments when using automatic texting. Every person that comes through your ad will receive a text, and you'll be able to easily respond to them from a mobile phone or your receptionists computer. As a bonus, we will also setup automatic emails to follow up with the people who did not end up booking.

✓ More Bookings

By following these 3 steps you will get more bookings for you spa business and more customers coming in. This will mean more money for you! Our team will ensure that everything is optimized so you will get the most amount of bookings possible.

What Other Spa Owners Have Said:

We've made it our duty to help as many spa business owners succeed as possible.

Here are what other spa's we have done this for said...

If you would like to try this for your spa business, click the button below and schedule a FREE strategy session!

Once again, this is exclusive offer is only available for the next five people!

Click the button below to sign up for you free strategy call!

Who Are We?

My name is Jovan, and my business partner is Quenten.

We are some of the worlds best Facebook Advertisers, and we have a team with over 20+ full time employees working with us. 
We have spent over $1,000,000 on Facebook Advertising this year so far...
If you would like to try this for your spa business, click the button below and schedule your strategy call!

Once again, this is exclusive free offer is only available for the next five people!

Click the button below to book your FREE strategy session!

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As you can see, the videos are very catchy and engaging which makes people want to book. And because of these video ads you can literally flood your spa with as many customers as you want!

If you would like to try this for your spa business, click the button below to set the trial.

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